Projections Realized

What I’m doing right now, this is a projection realized.

About half an hour ago I realized what I’ve been doing lately.

About an hour and a half ago I started watching a documentary on someone who briefly talked about his mother projecting a vision of her son attending a prestigious university. It’s a notion I’ve been working towards fully accepting (projection, not prestigious universities).

You paint a picture in your mind, and as long as you keep it strong and clear and don’t let it fade, then it will come to be. It will be realized.

I’ve been projecting a lot lately, to very small degrees, and without really knowing it. My parents used to talk about how, as a boy, once I had an idea I would very clearly see it through. And so perhaps I’ve been doing that my whole life, but usually just to small degrees. Without knowing.

So half an hour ago I projected a vision of plugging in my car over this very cold night. I saw it clear: Go outside, check if there’s an outlet readily available by the garage, see if the landlord needs to move his vehicle, and then move my car and bring out an extension cord to plug it in. Specifically the white one by my computer desk.

This time I recognized it as a projection. I fully recognized that I was painting a very clear and confident picture. And it’s a mental act that has happened more and more over the past year or so. I envision a course of action – generally short, generally menial – and it feels right, and good. Sometimes it gets carried out, sometimes not. But the envisioning feels good. Feels right.

Part of tonight’s projection included this, what I’m doing right now. Writing (typing) this out, spilling out exactly this subject matter. I envisioned the writing – I projected it – and now it’s being carried through. It’s actually interrupted the previous projection about plugging in the car. In fact I was going to plug the car in first and then write. Now it’s been flipped.

There’s nowhere further to take this, not at the moment. So it’s time to go back to the first projection and go plug in the car.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


One thought on “Projections Realized

  1. I think this might be brilliant. But I have to admit, I’m underslept and it’s still early, so I’m perhaps not the best judge. That said, I read this, paused, and then smiled from ear to ear. Also, please understand that I believe I am a master of projections UNrealized, in case I can ever be of service.

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