What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

When it comes to bitter rivalries, some people are able to let go of the past and others aren’t. The latter… you know the type. Holding on to past grudges, keeping hate tight in their teeth, the taste as fresh as if it were rendered just last week.

I recently heard someone very succinctly put a button on the subject: “Yeah, some people are going in for chemo tomorrow.”

It took me a second to process the meaning, but it became clear: Time is precious. Not everybody has the luxury of a long life. Not everybody has time to forgive and forget, let alone refuse to. Some people have a better grasp on their priorities in life. Others have them reset by terminal disease.

It’s an odd, somehow bitter way of saying we should let bygones be bygones. I myself struggle with being reminded of my own mortality, and what I should be doing in life. Some are able to remember “carpe diem” and seize the precious day, knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I meanwhile end up framing it as a guilt trip, and thus shy away into a comfort zone.

But, if anything, it’s not deniable that bygones should in fact be bygones. Or even if we can’t reconnect with old acquaintances, even if we don’t need to rebuild bridges… sometimes the past just needs to be the past.

Baggage is baggage. It’s a cliché, but not an empty one. When you put down the weight of the past you are able to move forward into the future that much easier.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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