In The Distance

This is part of a daily writing project in conjunction with photographer Sarah Tesar. For every day of May 2017 I will be writing a short piece inspired by Sarah’s daily photos as posted on her Instagram feed.

Photo © 2017 Sarah Tesar

And there, off in the distance. The ember-bright future, endless.

It’s always out there. Just out of reach. Here we stand, firmly rooted in the present. Firm and growing, and always with perspectives looking all around. Forward and back, past and present and future.

We stare into the sun and reach for its warmth, its light, wanting more. Fearful of its absence. The future calls and crosses the sky until it fades, for night. Casting shadow and doubt. Will we see the sun again?

Don’t worry about the future; it’ll be back tomorrow.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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