By Any Other Name

This is part of a daily writing project in conjunction with photographer Sarah Tesar. For every day of May 2017 I will be writing a short piece inspired by Sarah’s daily photos as posted on her Instagram feed.

Photo © 2017 Sarah Tesar

A rose somewhat like a heart, doesn’t it?

Maybe this is part of why roses are synonymous with love. It’s a gesture of giving, a means of conveying one’s undying devotion to another. The flower is itself beautiful enough, but it’s also a symbol. A representation of what the giver means to give, how the lover means to love.

Perhaps it means to give one’s heart. This full, plump, crimson-shaded piece of life that was once a living part of something bigger. Just as the rose came from the earth, one’s heart comes from one’s own body.

And now it’s passed on, emblematically, to someone in total trust. To be replanted and cared for so it can live again. From one heart to another.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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