Standing Out

This is part of a daily writing project in conjunction with photographer Sarah Tesar. For every day of May 2017 I will be writing a short piece inspired by Sarah’s daily photos as posted on her Instagram feed.

Photo © 2017 Sarah Tesar

The paradox of standing out from the crowd. Yes, we are all unique – but it becomes hyper-realized when you don’t feel part of the group.

Sometimes we greatly desire this. We don’t want to blend in. We want to stand out, to feel special and different. A clear, glowing-red individual while all others blur together.

But then this prideful oneness is often left up to that one to feel. Inside a person can feel incomparable, and out of the ordinary in a beautiful way. But in direct contrast to others – in direct response from others – the individuality can become twisted.

They say, different. Strange. Weird. Too unique.

All one can do is hope that it’s jealousy, on their part.

And try not, in turn, to feel too jealous over how they belong.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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