Life From Within

This is part of a daily writing project in conjunction with photographer Sarah Tesar. For every day of May 2017 I will be writing¬†a short piece inspired by Sarah’s daily photos as posted on her Instagram feed.

Photo © 2017 Sarah Tesar

Photo: Sarah Tesar

Words: Andrew Hall

Life from within. Light shines down as eyes look up and new shades of colour are revealed. Leaves that otherwise look dulled and rugged now glow deep and real. Warm hues of orange and ochre and gold. Accentuated all the more by inner veins that reach upward and out.

If only they could grow more. If only these leaves could spread and extend like canopies. Then the sun that pours through their thin membranes could bathe the green grass with a¬†comforting array of simmering¬†tones. Even in Autumn, as the leaves turn to these darker shades as life ebbs away, it wouldn’t feel so bad.

And it doesn’t feel bad, even with leaves as small as they are. It simply means we have to look closer. From afar they blend together in shimmering¬†collages, elegant as they seem to sparkle in sun-dappled winds. But close up, the individually tell stories. They speak of life.

© 2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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