Nate Wooley: Outside the Brass Box

I highly, highly admire artists that are able to do unconventional things with conventional tools. Thinking outside the box, with the box. It’s something I enjoy doing myself.

At this point in my life I’d like to think that not much surprises me when it comes to art, including music. By all means am I impressed and amazed by things I’ve not heard before. Just not necessarily surprised. I think I can admit I was a bit surprised tonight by just what is possible with a mere trumpet.

Nate Wooley is an experimental trumpet player, ostensibly stemming from the traditions of avant garde jazz and noise music but somehow moving even further. In short, he does things with a trumpet that stretch beyond tone and volume. And he completely surprised me with his capabilities, his ideas, his sheer imagination.

Nothing he does is inhuman, or specifically unique to him as a person. He’s not a singer with a 7-octave vocal range; he’s not a drummer with three arms. He simply thinks outside the brass box and achieves timbres, textures and effects that you’d think would require a myriad of effects processing. But no. It’s just him. One man, a horn, and more than enough inspiration to go around.

©2017 Andrew Hall Writes


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