Daily Prompt: Careful

They are none too careful. These strange people that live in Canada for their whole lives but never remember how Winter works.

They seem to forget that snow will eventually fall, as early as October. It will fall and it will necessitate change. It will change the roads and how they are to be addressed.

The snow will change how we should – must – drive.

But not everyone changes. For a good two weeks people do not think to change. They approach corners and red lights, they accelerate and brake, and it’s not the same. The conditions are not the same. Your tired won’t behave so freely.

It’s time to slow down. To take your time.

But not everyone gets that. It’s a simple enough mode of procrastination: the early snows don’t generally come with early cold. “It melts as soon as it falls. The roads will be summer-driveable again by tomorrow.” Sure. Sometimes. But not always. Not usually.

“I don’t need to take it easy. I don’t need to switch to winter tires, not yet. Not until it really snows.” But more often than not, it snows enough.

And so they slip and slide, and they smash bumpers, and they nosedive into ditches.

And they never change.

They never learn.

via Daily Prompt: Careful

© 2016 Andrew Hall Writes


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