Daily Prompt: Cheat

I’m back on Facebook. For reals again. Sort of. Kind of.

But I’ve been cheating.

Without going too deep into my back history with Facebook: I did have a full on personal profile a decade ago, back when the site was more fun and interesting rather than what it became. After awhile it began to feel like a social nightmare rather than helpful medium – I was “connected” with a lot of people but was feeling less and less connected with anybody as a result. I also didn’t like how invasively personal it was starting to get. It was and still is incredibly disturbing how much the website asks of its users, and how much they are willing to give. And I didn’t want to give any more. So I ran away.

Then once in university I realized that I would at least need a dummy account in order to network with the school clubs I’d become an executive with. I soon joined a few other local groups/networks, but I never gave any personal information to my account. And I never accepted or sent any “friend requests”.

In a sense, I cheated. I used a massive social networking site for social networking, but at the bare minimums of involvement and identity.

And now that I’m a university graduate, I’m fully intent on establishing myself as a writer. This of course means, in this digital age, accepting a degree of social networking I’d previously been unfamiliar with and, to be honest, a bit fearful of. I’m not going full bore – so far it’s just WordPress, LinkedIn and now a little Facebook. I have a lot to learn, and still don’t believe I would have the time and patience to engage in Twitter, much less other sites such as Google+, Tumblr, etc.

So in a sense, I’m cheating. I’m pretending to be engaged in the social media age, but at the bare minimums (as far as certain sites go).

Or maybe I’m just being a bit hard on myself. Maybe I’m not “cheating” – maybe I’m just being selective as per my tastes and abilities. I reserve that right. Even if it comes out of a bit of fear of the future.

© 2016 Andrew Hall Writes

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt for August 28: Cheat


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