Daily Prompt: Obvious

first step

A coworker and I were discussing changes in life, or the need for change. We’ve both been at our ropes end with wanting to leave our current job, though I only have one week to go myself. Our feelings run fairly parallel just the same, in terms of deeper motivations. We’re both in our early 30’s and neither of us feel that we’re doing what we should be in life.

“Something has to change,” my coworker said. It’s obvious.

It’s almost painful to admit to obvious truths sometimes. We find ourselves balking at saying things. We preface it by saying, “I know it’s a cliché, but…” or, “Not to state the obvious, but…” As if we’ll somehow sound naïve or even unintelligent but saying something that seems like it should “go with out saying.”

But maybe this is why the first step in fixing a problem in most anyone’s life is admitting to the problem to begin with. And if the problem is so obvious, then it somehow feels embarrassing to own up to it.

In my own case, admitting to an obvious need for change is essentially a first step towards confronting deeper issues, deeper problems. Confronting, uprooting, dealing with them. And that takes a lot of work. They say that the first step can be the biggest one, but I think it’s more like a 50/50 split. The first step can be tremendous, absolutely, but the rest of the work is still work. And a lot of it.

That much should be obvious.

© 2016 Andrew Hall Writes

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