Describe what you see – Back Yard

Describe what you see – Back Yard (writing exercise)

A predominantly green array of colours. One wonders just how many shades of green are on display. How many different types of grass, then, and what varieties of weeds that otherwise seem indistinguishable? The grass is an odd mishmash of newer spring growth standing over flattened, bleached forerunners. In the shade the grown grass is a strong, deep shade, while next to it tall garden plants of some sort are bright and pale, waving in the breeze. So sways the high tree overlooking it all, the windy movement the only thing betraying depth and dimension whereas the starkly layered contrasts of bring and dark leaves would otherwise not. The limbs and branches both do and do not imply fluidity and movement, firmness and still strength.

These birds make sounds in moving panorama that need not be seen. Stare fixed on the painted-green lawn chairs and movement won’t be lost. It’s energy, taken for granted. Dismissed as unremarkable to the background. But it’s vivid. Lush. Inescapable. There’s not much to it, but so much to see, so much variety. Typical, yet unpredictable. Shadows fly. Fluff and feathers could land anywhere, making last-second left turns or catching low-level drafts that suddenly take them up again. The charred old ski pole used for stirring flames can rest on the fire pit grill all it wants, its orange handle standing in plastic opposition to the organic hues around it. It won’t move. Not like the green does.

– Andrew Hall, June 2014

© 2014 Andrew Hall Writes


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