Writing exercise – The Perfect Room

10 Minute Writing Exercise/Prompt – “Describe your perfect room.” It can be any room, a tree house, a bath room, sitting room, kitchen, dining room, … Just has to be your vision of a perfect _________. – From a writing group I’m a member of.

White all around. Soft as anything. The space is small, as in intimate. Close, comfortable. There is an emphasis on natural light. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is outside, as long as the sun shines in through a single window, softly illuminating without glaring, without burning. The sun can’t be seen; nothing can, through the lace-like white curtains, doubled up. At best a gentle breeze might barely shift the material, the sounds of shifting tree branches and birds noticeable only if listened for.

Lay on the carpet. It’s soft without being thick or shaggy. Inviting, warm, as immaculately clean as the rest of the room. The only dust bunnies are the ones you daydream about, or see in your dreams as you nap. There is a bed, but it’s too nice to sleep on, to touch. It’s the epitome of the guest room, defines it. It’s a welcome space, but the bed is made up with such perfection that to unfold a single sheet, to even indent the material by laying on top would be an intrusion. A sullying. The sheets and blankets and quilts and pillows don’t look old, so much as timeless. Untouched by hands, by dirt, by time.

There are colours, but they don’t register. Your consciousness barely recognizes them amidst an overall sense of pure whiteness, a dreamlike quality, almost a haze amidst the softness of material, the lack of dirt. Even the paintings on the wall don’t seem to exist, as you don’t. Lay on the carpet, in the stillness. Feel calm. Welcome. White all around.

– Andrew Hall, May 27 2014

© 2014 Andrew Hall Writes


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